Meet The Crew: Will Scown

Name: Will Scown (@will.scown)
Vehicle: None (I'm a Horseless Cowboy)
Based: On The Road

1. Tell us about yourself. What makes you tick?

Being lucky enough to grow up in the Queenstown Basin in New Zealand, I’ve had access to the mountains as my playground. By picking up skiing in the winters and biking and hiking through the summers, I found myself leaning into a more action sports-involved life. On top of this, I've also always had an itch for travelling and documenting my movements. I don't know where the interest in these two things originated, but I struggle to fathom the idea of not making them a priority in my life.

Will Scown, Skiing

2. What is your favourite adventure to date?

I would say my all-time favourite adventure would be driving into the Godley Valley and Havelock Valley during peak winter to shoot my film 'Every Mile'. This trip by no means went smoothly, as we were handed some difficult weather systems and high rivers to cross, and to put it shortly, everything that could've gone wrong went wrong. To a certain degree, this called for great story-telling and putting together an epic documentary-style film, which is all we could've asked for on this adventure.

3. You spend quite a bit of time away from the office. How have you found that co-existence between work and play?

Admittedly, since leaving University in 2015 finding a balance between work and play has been a huge priority of mine. Around that time, I found myself digging through some old family boxes and discovered our old family camera, I quickly recognized that one piece of kit could be my ticket to enable this balance. Since then, it's been my mission to let my camera and interest in photography enable not only my workspace but also my interest in documenting my life.

4. What is one piece of advice you'd give to those who're chasing a similar lifestyle to you?

Recently I’ve gripped onto this idea to ‘say less and do more’. You'll always be your worst critic, and when you spend too much time critiquing the work you've already done, it'll just take away from the opportunities you have in front of you. In other words, lean into the risk that’s there and go with your gut, make mistakes on the way, learn from them, and simply try again.

5. Finally, what is your all-time favourite camping spot?

Does living on a Yacht count? I was lucky enough to spend 20 weeks (between two summers) sailing around the Mediterranean helping a yacht tours company refresh their branding assets.

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