Meet The Support Crew: Harvey & Seva

Harvey and Seva are two well-traveled dogs who have journeyed all across New Zealand. They're always by our side, whether we're camping along the coastline or trekking through the valleys and mountains.


This five-year-old Golden Retriever, is loyal, affectionate, and a bit clumsy. He's always by our side, enjoying the simple things in life such as running alongside the truck on the beach, diving into waves, gathering sticks, playing with rocks in riverbeds, and seeking pats from everyone he meets. Harvey is a gentle giant who will give you his best puppy eyes, with added drool, hoping for a bit of your dinner. Having been a traveller since his puppyhood, he's well-adjusted to a nomadic lifestyle and shows enthusiasm at every camp we arrive at. 


Our cheeky two-year-old Siberian Husky, is the embodiment of independence, confidence, and curiosity. Her favourite activities range from running alongside the truck, to swimming in calm rivers, digging holes in the sand. Resulting in some crazy zoomies, and exploring her surroundings. Despite her outgoing spirit, Seva has a cuddly side too, often attempting to nestle into our pillows in the roof-top tent for a cuddle. Whenever she smells roast chicken, she'll stare directly into your soul with her piercing husky eyes and will enthusiastically perform all her tricks in hopes of earning a piece - it’s her favourite snack. Just like Harvey, Seva has been embracing the nomadic lifestyle since her puppyhood, and she absolutely loves life on the road. It's quite a common sight to spot her hanging her head out the window, with the wind in her fur.

When we venture to the South Island, our dogs stay safely in our vehicle during our ferry crossings of Cook Strait. They have their bed, water, and treats with them. Kennel options are available on the ferry while booking, but our dogs prefer the comfort of our truck. They sleep and patiently await our arrival in Picton.

When we travel for extended periods, there are many essentials we need to pack. The most important is our Pet First Aid Kit. As someone who has acquired qualifications in pet first aid and CPR, the presence of this kit and those skills brings a sense of reassurance, especially when we find ourselves in off-grid locations where professional help could potentially be hours away. We also ensure to pack sufficient quantities of food, supplements and water to cater to our pet's nutritional needs throughout the journey. We carry onboard a total of 80L of water for ourselves and the dogs. Additionally, we carry poo bags to maintain cleanliness while out in the bush, and collars which display clear identification and contact information for safety purposes. Leads are also included for those locations where leash-only rules apply at campsites or walks. Other items include high visibility vests to ensure they can be easily seen in low-light conditions, dog beds/blankets to provide them with a comfortable space to rest, towels for cleaning purposes, and several other items that may be required depending on the nature of our travel.

Roaming around New Zealand with the dogs is made simple with all essential information regarding dog-friendly campsites, including any restrictions or special requirements, are easily accessible online on council, or DOC websites. Kohaiai Campsite is in our top ten favourite dog-friendly locations in the South Island, we recommend you check this one out. Beautiful beachy scenery, with bush tracks to explore in the surrounding area. Great summer spot!

Getting out there in nature is both fulfilling for us, but for our dogs too. Traveling with them is an absolute blast, and nothing beats seeing them have the time of their lives in the outdoors with us. We've driven across massive valleys, hiked endless trails, and found the coolest swimming spots and riverbeds for those much-needed chill-out moments. We wouldn't trade it for the world. It's more than just a hobby, it's a way of life, and we totally recommend everyone to give it a shot. Do your homework and just go for it, your furry friends will thank you!

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