12v Charging Cable with Clamps

12v Charging Cable with Clamps

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The REDARC SBC12ACC1-6 is a charging cable designed for easy charging and monitoring of a battery when combined with REDARC’s range of SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers from DEFA.

It is ideal for vehicles in car dealerships, fleets, showrooms and other places where vehicles remain unused for long periods of time. It features an inbuilt status indicator which shows the charge status of the battery via a red, yellow or green light.

To operate, simply attach the clamps to the battery and place the status indicator where you can easily monitor it. When you need to charge, simply connect your SmartCharger and turn it on.

It is designed to be permanently mounted on your battery, saving you time from having to access it everytime you need to charge.

LED status indicator

The LED will highlight the battery status by representing the DEFA logo in the appopriate colour.

Battery Status Indication
  • Green = Battery is in good condition
  • Yellow = Battery should be charged
  • Red = Battery requires charging

Please be aware that the LED will not display any colour below 3V.

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