2000w 24v RS3 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

2000w 24v RS3 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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There’s nothing like being out on the road or in the wild, but it usually means leaving the luxuries at home. With unparalleled performance and enhanced protection, compromise is a thing of the past with REDARC’s range of RS3 Pure Sine Wave Inverters, the next generation in quiet and reliable 240V accessory power.

When deciding on the size of your inverter, consider the largest device you plan to run and whether you plan to run two or more devices simultaneously.


Why invite danger when can have absolute piece of mind. All REDARC’s RS3 Pure Sine Wave Inverters features an abundance of safety features allowing you to focus on what matters.

When it comes to protection, load-controlled cooling fan, and overload, short circuit and over temperature protection is just the tip of the iceberg. The integrated Residual Current Device (RCD) acts as a circuit breaker, preventing deadly electric shock accidents and assisting with AS/NZS3001 compliance.


Built rugged and backed by REDARC’s legendary support, the RS3 inverters are perfect for your next build. At up to 75% quieter when running appliances around 1100W, you can immerse yourself in the outdoors while powering your microwave, heater, toaster oven or coffee machine.

Vibration resistant and built to the REDARC’s strict quality standard, these inverters can go wherever you can, and once there, won’t interrupt the tranquility of the perfect camp spot.

Housed in a sleek aluminum shell, the RS3 inverters supercharged surge capacity is effortlessly capable of handling the initial load of high-power appliances, with smaller inverts able to run more power-hungry devices.


With IEC connectors, a Residual Current Device (RCD), and an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) designed into the unit, not only do these inverters reduce installation time, save you resources, and make integration a walk in the park, but when you pull up to camp they do the work for you. The ATS will seamlessly switch between battery and mains when you establish base, not only saving you time, but also precious battery power. Built to last and backed by REDARC’s legendary support, power your next adventure with REDARC RS3 inverters.


  • Assists with AS/NZS3001 compliance, and complies with IEC61810‑1 and AS/NZS4763
  • Robust and rugged, with a heap of integrated safety features, these inverters are built to tackle any adventure.
  • Power highly demanding appliances with smaller inverters
  • Reduce installation time and save resources with integrated ATS
  • At up to 75% quieter when running appliances around 1100W, to not interrupt the tranquility of the perfect camping spot


  • An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that automatically and seamlessly switches power between battery and mains (complies with IEC61810-1)
  • An in-built Residual Current Device (RCD) monitors electricity flow, prevents accidents and assists with compliance against local standards
  • Enhanced surge capacity
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Engineered with vibration resistance
  • IEC connectors for easy integration
Inverter Type RS3 Inverters
Watt 2000W
Nominal Voltage 24V
Surge Power Length 2 Seconds
Surge Power 4000W
AC Nominal Output Voltage 230/240V
AC Input Voltage Range 216V - 244V
Input Socket IEC C14
Output Socket IEC C13 & AS/NZ 3112 10A GPO (10A AZ/NZ Plug)
Weight 6.8kgs
Height 126mm
Width 261mm
Depth | Length 443mm
Warranty 2 Years
Input Voltage 21.0 - 33.0V

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