30a Fuse Kit

30a Fuse Kit

30a Fuse Kit

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The REDARC 30A Fuse Kit is equipped with high-quality fuses and a fuse holder to fit the cable required for the specified current and make a solid connection. Each REDARC fuse kit features adhesive-lined heat shrink to ensure reliability through any terrain.

This ensures your installation is working safely and efficiently. Poor quality fuse holders typically don’t make enough contact with the fuse, which allows dirt and other elements to get in between contact points. This generates excess heat, which can be enough to melt components.

Avoid fuse problems with a REDARC Fuse Kit. The kits are offered in 23A, 30A, 40A, 60A and 100A versions and are designed for dc to dc charger installations.

The FK30 is perfect for the BCDC1212 trailer battery charger start battery input connection.

The 23A and 30A fuse kit comes with (1) fuse holder with fasteners, (2) 23A fuses, cable lugs, adhesive heat shrink and a detailed instruction sheet.

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