Battery To Fuse Cable

Battery To Fuse Cable

Battery To Fuse Cable

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The REDARC KIT19 is a high quality cable to connect between a battery terminal and a REDARC FK series Fuse Kits. 

The REDARC KIT19 is a short cable capable of carrying 50 Amps for connecting REDARC’s 23A, 30A, 40A and 60A MIDI Fuse Kits to a battery positive terminal. 

The short length combined with the Fuse Kit provide protection of the wiring connected and minimises voltage drop. 

It is compatible with all REDARC dc to dc chargers, battery management systems, In-vehicle Power Supply and Charge Equalisers. It can be used on both start and auxiliary batteries. 

Length Between Lugs 150mm
Current Rating 50A
Battery Hole Diameter M8
Fuse Hole Diameter M5
Wire Gauge 7 AWG (10 mm2)
Warranty 2 Years

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