BCDC Classic Under Bonnet 25a DC Battery Charger

BCDC Classic Under Bonnet 25a DC Battery Charger

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REDARC’s In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger range lets you charge your auxiliary battery while you’re on the move using your vehicle’s alternator and solar panels simultaneously. With a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking regulator you’ll get the maximum available power from your solar panels at any given time.

BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers ensure optimum performance of electrical equipment such as fridges, lights, CPAP machines and even hydraulic pumps when they’re powered from a dual battery setup. Compact in size, the BCDC can be mounted in a variety of places, from the engine bay to the inside or outside of a van or trailer. With fully-sealed electronics and fan-free cooling, water, dust and vibrations are no match for these chargers. The BCDC range has been tested and proven to work under the harshest conditions. These unique DC to DC chargers ensure any battery is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge.

  • Multi-stage charging helps maximize battery life
  • Proven to charge an auxiliary battery to 100% state of charge*
  • Longer battery life
  • Increase run time of loads like fridges and lights
  • Allows for flexible installation in 12 or 24 volt vehicles
  • Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs

The REDARC BCDC range features a wide 9 to 32 volt input range, allowing an auxiliary battery to be charged from either a 12 or 24 volt vehicle electrical system. All models incorporate dual battery isolation as well as fault detection that includes protection against voltage spikes, overheating and reverse polarity connection, to ensure complete protection of your batteries.

Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge an auxiliary battery. An insufficient charge rate will - at best - shorten the life and performance of the auxiliary battery but may result in a flat battery. By employing a unique, multi-stage charging algorithm, REDARC In-vehicle Battery Chargers feature technology designed to fully charge auxiliary batteries to a proven 100%*.
The advanced electronics in REDARC’s BCDC In-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers constantly monitor the vehicle battery input charge to ensure that your auxiliary battery always receives the ideal voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance.

The award-winning 12 volt chargers, available in 25, 40 and 50 amp models, have vehicle DC and solar inputs, making installation easy. They will charge from solar and the vehicle’s start battery simultaneously and are compatible with fixed, temperature
compensating and variable voltage (smart) alternators and work with 12 and 24 volt vehicle electrical systems. The range also provides specific charging profiles for all common battery types including AGM, gel, standard lead acid, calcium and lithium
iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

The BCDC2420 is ideally suited for commercial applications and charges 24 volt battery banks used for powering electric hydraulic pumps, tailgate lifters, spreader decks, ramps and sleeper cab air conditioning systems. It features a fully integrated MPPT solar regulator and charges AGM, gel, calcium content, VRLA and standard lead acid batteries. To be able to connect solar to your BCDC2420 you require a PK1260 relay kit.


Battery Chemistry Standard Lead Acid, Calcium content, Gel, AGM or LiFePO4 type only
Continuous Rating 25A
Power Type - AC DC DC TO DC
Nominal Output Power 375W
Input Fuse Rating 40A (Not supplied) REDARC FK40 recommended
Solar Switch On Voltage 9V
Suitable For 12V Systems Yes
Suitable For 24V Systems Yes
Solar Input Voltage 9 - 32V
MPPT Solar Regulator Yes
Cabin/ Canopy Install Yes
No Load Current <100mA
Trailer Install Yes
Engine Bay Install Yes
Max. Charging Voltage 15.3V
Output Fuse Rating 40A (Not supplied) REDARC FK40 recommended
Operating Temperature 14°F to 175°F
Output Voltage 12V DC
Max. Rated Output Current 25A
Input Voltage 9 - 32V
Standby Current <8mA
Connector Type Bare wire
Weight 35.3 oz
width 4.7"
height 1.5"
depth | length 6.5"
Warranty 2 Years


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