CFF 34L Fridge or Freezer with Cover

CFF 34L Fridge or Freezer with Cover

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Dometic’s versatile addition to the portable powered cooler range comes with a stylish design, a double hinged lid and is complemented by an efficient interior storage layout that will suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The generous insulation built in to the CFF35 ensures excellent cooling performance.

  • Displays cooling temperature in any ambient light
  • Includes heavy-duty protective cover
  • Fits wine bottles upright
  • Glass filled nylon and steel handle for convenient carrying
  • AC and DC ports to power the unit34.3 l of storage of convenient cooling
  • Double sided lid for user-friendly opening
  • Energy efficient design provides fast and excellent cooling and freezing, even in extremely high outside temperatures
  • Single compartment allows either refrigeration or freezing
  • Can be set between 10°C and -18°C
  • Robust and compact design ensures excellent portability
  • Optimized footprint allows it to be used with the CFX-SLD35/40 fridge slide

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