Combo RedVision System

Combo RedVision System

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Manage your power anywhere, anytime with RedVision from REDARC. Smart battery charging and accessory control in one powerful package.

Combining the smarts of the Rogue and power of the Prime, the Combo RedVision System is the ultimate off-grid power solution. With 20 output channels onboard it’s ideal for vehicle’s with a high number of accessories and lights such as caravans and motorhomes. The Combo RedVision System includes the main components you need to power your next build. Just add batteries, cables, and fuses.


Whether you’re free camping or on a powered site, each RedVision system has the smarts to keep your secondary batteries charged while you travel, from solar, or from a power point at home.

Each RedVision system includes the Manager30 battery manager. This state-of-the-art 30A charger measures your battery levels and adjusts its charge rate on the fly, ensuring your secondary batteries are kept charged and healthy.


Relax knowing your power is in good hands. The included Manager30 battery manager helps you keep track of your essentials in real time. State of charge, charge remaining, charge/discharge current and battery temps are all available on the included RedVision display or connected phone app.

By combinding the Rogue and Prime distribution boxes, not only do you have six dedicated tank level sensor inputs, two ambient temperature inputs and a voltage sensor, but also two configurable analogue sensors to use for anything from water levels, temperature or voltage. 


Ideal for vehicles with a high number or accessories, the Combo RedVision system provides an unprecedented level of control and automation for your vehicle. With 20 on-board channels, including 15x 10A outputs and 5x 30A outputs, control multiple on-board devices with ease, including lights, fridges, fans, water pumps and accessories. The 10 dimmable outputs are great for on-board lighting.

Forget about returning to your caravan to adjust your outdoor lights as complete control is also available with the intuitive RedVision app on iOS and Android. 


Save time and energy by using RedVision to automate those mundane tasks. With the press of a button, switch off everything except for your fridge or power down non-essential loads when your batteries are running low.


  • 15x 10A outputs (10 dimmable)
  • 5x 30A outputs
  • 8x switch inputs
  • 2x configurable sensor inputs
  • 6x dedicated tank sensor inputs
  • 2x temp sensor inputs
  • 1x voltage sensor input
  • 1x dedicated inverter output
  • Multi-Stage AC-DC Battery Charger
  • Multi-Stage DC to DC Charger
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Regulator
  • Dual Battery Isolator
  • Load Disconnect Controller
  • Quiet operation
  • Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA, Standard Lead Acid and Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
  • Tested to mains power safety standards in Australia
  • Made in Australia


*TVMS Rogue Configurator app available now for iOS but coming soon for Android. The configurator app is only required for initial installation and set up. The user app is available now for both iOS and Android.


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