MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

MPPT Solar Charger Controllers

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The Enerdrive MPPT Solar Controllers adopt the advanced MPPT control algorithm, it can minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time, quickly track the maximum power point (MPP) of the PV array and obtain the maximum energy from solar array under any conditions; and it can increase the ratio of energy utilization in the solar system by 20%-30% compared with PWM charging method.

The Enerdrive MPPT Solar Controllers has self-adaptive three-stage charging mode based on digital control circuit, which can effectively prolong the lifespan of batteries and significantly improve the system performance. It also has comprehensive electronic protection for overcharge, over discharge, PV & battery reverse polarity. This controller can be widely used for RV, Marine, remote off grid monitoring and many other applications.

IP33 Ingress protection and isolated RS485 design further improves the controller’s reliability and meet the different application requirements.

Enerdrive MPPT Solar Controller Features:
  • 3 Models - 20amp 12/24v, 30amp 12/24v & 40amp 12/24amp
  • CE certification (LVD EN/IEC62109,EMC EN61000-6-1/3)
  • LCD display
  • Advanced MPPT technology & ultra-fast tracking speed guarantee’s tracking efficiency up to 99.5%
  • Maximum DC/DC transfer efficiency is as high as 98.6%.
  • Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP lost rate and lost time
  • Accurate recognition and tracking of multi-peaks maximum power point
  • Wide MPP operating voltage range
  • Support lead-acid and lithium batteries
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • Power reduction automatically over temperature value
  • Multiple load work modes
  • Comprehensive electronic protection
  • IP33 Ingress protection
  • Comms port included for future applications
Model EN43520 EN43530 EN43540
Nominal Voltage Range 12/24VDC Auto Select ¹
Battery Voltage Range 8 ~ 32V
Maximum Battery Current Output
20A 30A 40A
Maximum Load Current Output
20A 30A 40A
Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage 100V ²
92V ³
MPPT Voltage Range (Battery Voltage + 2V) - 72V
Maximum PV Array Power Recommended
Maximum PV Array Power Allowed (Overdrive)
Efficiency (Maximum)
98.30% 98.60% 98.60%
Self Consumption ≤30mA (12V)
≤16mA (24V)
Temperature Compensate Coeffcient ⁴ -3mV/°C/12V (Default)
Grounding Common Negative
RS485 Interface 5VDC/200mA (RJ45)
LCD Backlight Timeout Default: 60S, Range,: 0~999S (OS: the backlight is ON all the time)
Environmental Temperature ⁵ -25°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20°C ~ +70°C
Relative Humidity ≤95%, N.C.
IP Rating IP33
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH
217 x 158 x 56.5 230 x 165 x 63 255 x 185 x 67.8
Mounting Hole Dimensions (mm) 160 x 149 173 x 156 200 x 176
Mounting Hole Size
Maximum Cable Size (Connector Input/Output)
10AWG (6mm²) 8AWG (10mm²) 6AWG (13.2mm²)
Recommended Cable Size
(Connector Input/Output)
10AWG (6mm²) 8AWG (10mm²) 6AWG (13.2mm²)

1. When lithium battery is used, the system voltage can’t be identified automatically.
2. At minimum operating environment temperature.
3. At 25°C environment temperature.
4. When lithium battery is used, the temperature compensate coefficient must be 0, and can’t be changed.
5. The controller can supply full load working in the environment temperature. When the internal temperature reaches 81°C, the reduced charging power mode is turned on.

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