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Apex Designs Rapid Connect Valves!

While it is not APEX RPV fast, it is still super quick and install is a snap!

Meet the Rapid Connect Valve! Finally, a FAST screw on deflator that stays in place! This innovative Patented design makes it quick and simple to air down without the need to dismount your tires. Simply remove your existing valve stem core and screw the RCV onto your existing valve stem and you're ready to go! Install takes 5 minutes or less for all 4 tires. Includes "Time to Deflate" decal and multi-tool for easy installation.

PLEASE NOTE: INSTALLATION TOOL IS ONLY INCLUDED WITH A SET OF 4 RCV’s (SKU X02-02-009). IF PURCHASING A SINGLE (1) RCV (SKU X02-02-015) IT DOES NOT INCLUDE AN INSTALLATION TOOL.  For example, if you purchase 4 singles you will not receive an installation tool. 

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