Remote Monitor

Remote Monitor

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REDARC’s 12 and 24 volt Solar Remote Monitor has a large 3” backlit LED display and allows the user to monitor the solar panels, battery and system information to keep track of what the solar panels are producing and state of battery charge.

The Solar Remote Monitor provides panel charging information, real time system monitoring and is required for battery setting and configuration setting changes to our range of regulators.

Note: This product is only compatabile with our 10, 20 and 30A Solar Regulator (SRPA range)


  • For use with REDARC SRPA regulators
  • Large, backlit 3” display
  • Real time system monitoring
  • Designed for 12 or 24 volt systems
  • Required for battery setting and configuration changes to SRPA regulators
Display Size 3.3"
Operating Temperature −20°C to 70°C
Weight 320 g
Height 48 mm
Width 114 mm
Depth | Length 114 mm
Warranty 2 Years
Connector Type Anderson™ SB™ 50
Input Voltage 12V / 24V

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