Sentinel 7" Elite Spot Light

Sentinel 7" Elite Spot Light

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These 7-inch powerhouses will redefine the way you experience the world.

In the ever-expanding world of exploration, the Sentinel range stands tall, delivering remarkable high beam lighting performance that sets it apart from the rest. With a soulful blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge design, these lights effortlessly exude quality and style. You know you're in for something special from the moment you mount them on your rig.

Prepare to be dazzled by a staggering 10,248 raw lumens that emerge from 24 high-power LEDs. With each product fine-tuned through class-leading electronics and optical design, these lights embrace the darkness, illuminating every twist and turn on the wild road or untamed track that lies ahead.

The central rows of LEDs and optics project a long-range illumination that pierces through the night. But it doesn't stop there. Meticulously engineered, the upper and lower sections of Sentinel lights produce a wide spread of light, an enviable 65 degrees for those lucky enough to choose the Elite grade. It's a delicate ballet of precision and performance, ensuring a perfectly balanced distribution of light that transforms night driving into a safer and more enjoyable experience. And with a carefully selected 5000 kelvin color temperature, the world around you truly comes alive, revealing every detail of nature's nocturnal spectacle.

Don't be fooled by their compact stature, for these lamps pack a punch that rivals even their larger, more powerful counterparts. The Sentinel shrugs off their competition, proving that true greatness lies in efficiency and unmistakable prowess. At 60W for the Standard grade and a commanding 116W for the Elite, these lights elevate your journey to new heights, leaving no shadow unilluminated, no adventure uncharted.

The Sentinel 7" lamp dons a stealthy allure, with black printed circuit boards and a bezel feature adorned with an intricate hexagonal design. It's a contemporary aesthetic that announces your arrival on the scene with confidence and style. And for the Elite version, there's an added touch of distinction. With the option to connect white or amber position/side lights, you can create a truly unique look that reflects your adventurous spirit. Just remember, the white backlight function is approved for on-road use only, ensuring your safety and compliance in every adventure you undertake.

Durability meets craftsmanship with the Sentinel lamps. Crafted with care, these lamps are equipped with a slim, die-cast aluminum mounting bracket. Just like the lamps themselves, the bracket undergoes an automotive-grade pre-treatment before being skillfully powder coated in satin black. This ensures that your lamps and their accompanying bracket are protected against the aesthetic deterioration and corrosion that can plague lesser products.

As with all Lazer products, the Sentinel lamps bear the mark of true craftsmanship and dedication. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house, in the UK, these lights embody the spirit of exploration and artistry. Each component has been meticulously chosen, and every build process executed with exceptional care, ensuring a superior product that sets new standards. But it doesn't end there. Lazer takes pride in their environmental stewardship and ambitious carbon-reduction program, ensuring that the Sentinel range is not just about unparalleled performance, but also about leaving a positive mark on the world we love to explore.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where light guides you through uncharted territories, and where the spirit of adventure ignites your soul? Then it's time to equip yourself with the Sentinel range of LED driving lights. Let these beacons of brilliance be your guiding stars as you explore the great outdoors, blazing your own trail and creating stories that will last a lifetime.

Whats Included:

  • x1 Sentinel 7'' Elite LED Lamp
  • x1 'Slim' Mount Kit (1141-0S7-K)
  • x1 Black Lens Cover (LC-0S7-BLK)
  • x1 Installation Instructions
  • Features:

    • Combination of 24 premium ‘bin’ LEDs
    • Stealth black internal appearance
    • 5000K LED colour temperature and 80CRI maximises sharpness and definition
    • Integrated white and amber position light function (Elite only products - white only approved for on-road use)
    • Ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised spot and wide optics
    • Contemporary lamp design
    • Supplied with ‘slim’ diecast aluminium mounting bracket featuring Sentinel stamp
    • Electronic thermal management system optimises light output to preserve longevity of the LEDs
    • Anodised pre-treatment and automotive grade powder top-coat for ultimate corrosion and chemical protection
    • CAE optimised heatsink offers improved thermal dynamics
    • Over voltage protected
    • Reverse polarity protected
    • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat lacquer
    • A2 stainless steel fasteners with automotive grade black coating
    • UNECE approved Reg 10
    • IP68 watertight – 1.5m submersion (30mins)
    • 5-year warranty
    • Supplied with pre-wired male/female Superseal connectors
    • Designed & manufactured in UK
  • Specifications

    Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V
    LED Life 50,000 hrs
    Weight 1.5 kg
    Total Luminous Flux 10248 Lm
    Colour Temperature 5000k
    Number of High Output LEDs 24
    Power Consumption 1110 Watts
    Peak Current Draw (10v)7.6  Amps
    Current Draw (at 14.4V) 10.1 Amps
    Start-Up Time* 5ms
    Horiz Beam Angle 65 Deg
    0.25 lx Line 1233 metres
    0.5 lx Line 872 metres
    1 lx Line 616 metres
    3 lx Line 356 metres
    * 'Start-up time' is the delay between the lamp receiving voltage, and light being emitted. Different Lazer lamps have different start-up times, depending on their electrical architecture, so we recommend that if you are buying two different types of Lazer lamp, for mounting on to the same vehicle, that you ensure you pick products with matching start-up time (either 5ms or 100ms, depending on the product). Please check the lamps technical section on each product page to be sure you are purchasing lights with the same start-up time for the best performance.



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