Slide Out Kitchen

Slide Out Kitchen

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A must for any RV and can also be integrated into most Judge and Co setups. The Dometic Slide Out Kitchen functions as a 3-burner cooktop, sink and benchtop. It also features a large amount of built-in dual side storage to keep dining and cooking equipment secure. Not only does the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen save valuable space, but its telescopic runners also make it quick and easy to pull-out and stow away after use. It provides all the kitchen essentials: a sink, double-side access storage, three-burner cooktop, and a chopping board. Various additional features can be added such as a bottle opener, cup and utensil holders. The kitchen’s modular aluminium construction makes it lighter, while a generous amount of built-in storage keeps dining and cooking equipment safe and secure. Easy to install on most RVs thanks to its simple three-step installation method, the Small Slide Out Kitchen takes cooking outdoors to new levels of convenience!

  • Dedicated area for cooking, cleaning, chopping and serving
  • Easy 3-step installation process
  • Compatible with all popular access doors
  • Lightweight aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • Large dual side storage compartments
  • Range of accessories available, including chopping board, and utensil holder
  • Includes heavy-duty sliding rails and mounting brackets
  • Dimensions: Large - 1670 depth x 335 height x 640 width
  • Dimensions: Small - 1220 depth x 280 height x 630 width
  • Input voltage (DC), [V] 12

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