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Need somewhere tough, conveniently accessible and waterproof to store your muddy recovery gear when you're out on the tracks? Look no further brothers and sisters. 
Our footwell recovery bags are designed to fit the contour of your footwell and they're made from tough as nails, Aussie ripstop tonneau so they can take a red hot beating. There's four polyester webbing loops on each corner to allow for easy lifting or securing if you're that way inclined.
Leave it there permanently or simply throw it in for a weekend out on the tracks. No more messing around trying to find the right gear while you're stuck in a pickle.
They're available in two separate depths:
Full depth - designed to match the height of your gearbox tunnel, these puppies are best suited to solo tourers, tourers with canine passengers or tourers with a passenger that doesnt mind a little less leg room. We personally use the full depth bag and find it pretty comfy regardless!
W: 400      L: 600      D: 150
Half depth - designed to be just deep enough to house your trusty snatch strap, a little less storage room but still plenty of space for the essentials! Best suited to tourers with a passenger who prefers a little more space to stretch the getaway sticks.
W: 400      L: 600      D: 75

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