TVMS Rogue with RedVision Display

TVMS Rogue with RedVision Display

TVMS Rogue with RedVision Display

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At just 25mm thick and with in-built smart fuses, the TVMS Rogue offers a compact and flexible power control solution for caravan, camper and 4x4 applications.


When combined with the RedVision screen and Manager30 battery management system (sold separately), the TVMS Rogue provides real time and accurate state of charge, power input/output and ambient temperature information.

Two analogue tank level inputs offer accurate monitoring of multiple tanks and the Rogue is compatible with most common tank level sensors.


The TVMS Rogue allows complete control of multiple on-board devices including lights, fans, fridges, and pumps. Each of its 10 output channels include dimming and the built-in switch inputs make the Rogue perfect for lighting circuits. With the Rogue connecting to up to 8 physical switches, control is not just limited to the RedVision screen or app. It enables lights to be controlled from each room of a caravan or for the addition of reed switches to trigger lights when opening a door for example.


Save time and energy by using RedVision to automate those mundane tasks. With the press of a button, switch off everything except for your fridge or power down non-essential loads when your batteries are running low.

For the complete RedVision solution, pair your TVMS Rogue with the Manager30 battery management system.


  • 10x 10A dimmable outputs
  • 8x inputs allow for use with physical switches
  • Compact size
  • On-board smart fuses
  • Streamlined installation and configuration
  • Fully programmable*
  • Accurate analogue tank level inputs


*TVMS Rogue Configurator app available now for iOS but coming soon for Android. The configurator app is only required for initial installation and set up. The user app is available now for both iOS and Android.

Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Weight .43 kg
Height 25 mm
Width 130 mm
Depth | Length 250 mm
Warranty 2 Years
Input Voltage 9 - 16V
Max. Rated Output Current 40A

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