Water Tank Sensor Kit

Water Tank Sensor Kit

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The Water Tank Sensor Kit allows the TVMS Prime Control Module to measure the water level in an RV/motor home clean water tank.

The cable plugs directly into the TVMS Prime Control Module and includes sensor probes to be fitted to the water tank and crimp lugs to connect the cable to the probes.

The Water Tank Sensor combined with the TVMS Prime can report five states: empty, one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters, and full.

The Water Tank Sensor Kit includes all parts needed to accurately measure the clean water levels in an RV/motorhome. Up to six tanks can be monitored through the TVMS. A separate Water Tank Sensor Kit is required for each tank.

This TVMSDBWK-001 includes all parts. 

Not compatible with TVMS Rogue.

Water Tank Sensor Kit includes

  • 5m (16’5”) Wiring Loom
  • 5X Crimp Lugs
  • 5x Screw-in Water Level Sensor Probes

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