Water Tank Sensor Wiring Loom

Water Tank Sensor Wiring Loom

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The Water Tank Sensor wiring loom is suited for connecting the TVMS Prime Control Module to water tanks with pre-existing sensor probes.  It connects to up to 5 existing water tank sensors to allow the TVMS Prime Control Module to accurately measure the water level in an RV/motor home clean water tank.

The Water Tank Sensor combined with the TVMS Prime can report up five states, depending on the number of probes: empty, one-quarter, one-half, three-quarters, and full.

Up to six tanks can be monitored through the TVMS Prime. A separate Water Tank Sensor Wiring Loom is required for each tank.

This TVMSDBWK-002 contains the Wiring Loom only. The TVMSDBWK-001 includes all parts.

Not compatible with TVMS Rogue. 

Water Tank Sensor Loom includes
  • 5m (16’5”) Wiring Loom

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